Travel Pay Coin

Next Generation Travel Pay Currency

TRPC can help travelers travel around the world without traveler's checks, cash and credit cards. This is a brand new future.

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ABOUT TRPC Network Plan

The TRPC is designed as the next generation of special currency for travel that can replace existing means such as traveler's checks and cash.At the same time, TRPC network can record travel log, flight information,personal rights and interests data, and can exchange information, share information and hide information. TRPC will develop into a universal travel commercial currency worldwide, suitable for all travel industries, travelers,travel agencies, and can exchange external value through BITCOIN and other currencies.


We plan to build a public traveler platform. On this platform, travelers can record their travel information, establish credit files, record their views on travel services, record and share travel routes. By documenting these, TRPC awards will be awarded, and these TRPCs will be able to be used as real money in travel.

We plan to bring together travel structures, travel agencies and airlines for our travel platforms. By sharing travelers'information, they can better serve travelers. At the same time, TRPC can be accepted as the main travel currency to replace traveler's checks, and TRPC can also be used as an additional incentive condition.

Ultimately, we can build the world's largest travel information and currency exchange website, where people can use TRPC as money for travel services and replace cash and traveler's checks. It will also be the largest traveler community in the world, and we share all the travel information on the planet.